ring canvas
ring canvas
Boxing ring canvas
Boxing ring canvas

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Welcome to Boxing ring canvases - We manufacture most canvas and vinyl products associated with boxing and martial arts sports. From pvc covers,boxing ring canvas, ring aprons, mma floor vinyls and boxing ring rope covers,  PVC floor covers, jigsaw mat covers and cage ring vinyls.

We have been manufacturing canvas and vinyl products for ovr 35 years and have lots of experience in quality materials required in the manufacture of ring canvases.

Boxing ring canvas is a family company that prides itself on the many repeat orders we receive from our customers. We offer a bespoke canvas manufacture service for those odd sized rings. Standard canvases are manufactured and ready to be sent in 7/10 working days, we also have an end of roll offer on some canvases, this is were we use up our remnants of rolls to create a new canvas. These may have extra jining seams and may also have a slight variance in colour shade, but are sold at a very much reduced price, please ask if any are available when you call.

A full product inventory follows - boxing ring canvases - mma floor vinyls - boxing ring rope covers - ring aprons -  pvc floor covers - jigsaw mat covers -  cage ring vinyls  - a fully bespoke boxing ring canvas service.