ring canvas
ring canvas
Boxing ring canvas
Boxing ring canvas

Boxing ring canvas and ring canvases

Manufacturer of standard and bespoke boxing ring canvases, With over 40 years experience in the canvas trade, Boxing ring canvas can provide you with a quality ring canvas.

Standard sized canvases and also bespoke ring canvases are products we produce.

We use a quality 15 ounce proofed cotton canvas to create a boxing canvas, seams are triple sewn and sewn flat to avoid tripping. Corner post cut outs are fully reinforced, as are the hems and eyelets, which are placed at approx 40 cm apart.

We manufacture mainly in red, blue and black, although other colours are available.

Our ring canvas can come with a Velcro strip placed along the outer edges, this allows you to fit ring aprons onto the 4 sides.

As an example, a 16' canvas would finish at 16'6" square, with 7" corner cut outs.

As we use a quality canvas for our ring floor covers, this is not a great material to print onto, as an alternative, if you require printing onto your cover, we use a poly vinyl material, this material supports printing well..



Quality ring canvas

Fully dressed ring canvas

Our canvases are British made