vinyl floor covers
vinyl floor covers
Ring canvas and vinyls
Ring canvas and vinyls

     BJJ floor vinyls - MMA floor vinyls                           

Vinyl floor covers are manufactured using quality 580 gsm and 610 gsm PVC. They are high frequency welded on the seems to make joining the Vinyl a safe and secure bond.

We use 2 metre Vinyl were ever possible, though some colours only arrive in 1.5 metre widths.

We are able to create most shapes and odd fitting covers, Joining with Velcro were post are an issue.

We offer 3 options on the finish to our floor Vinyls, floor Vinyls that are being battened to the floor will have an extra 300mm added on all sides to turn over for added strength when fastening to the floor, hemmed and eyeleted is another option, this is where the Vinyl needs to be lifted regularly, and third option is to Velcro around the edges and fasten to the floor.


                      mma vinyl covers

PVC floor covers and floor vinyls are ideal for covering over the top of jigsaw matting, any worn matting can be put under the vinyl giving extra life to expensive matting.

Our canvases are British made